#61. From Ted to UR (Sep 26, 2007)

Pages 13-14:


What is more important? Human suffering or the need for saving the biosphere? If human beings have to suffer in order to the biosphere be saved, or in order to eliminate the technoindustrial system… well, then they have to suffer.

#111. From Ted to UR (Apr 22, 2010)

Page 9:


... I put higher importance on the survival of wild nature than on the welfare of the human race. If the death of all human beings is necessary in order to save wild nature, then all human beings should die. ...

From Ted to UR (June 19, 2011)

... I certainly did not write the 'Ted Kaczynski's Statement to the Obama Presidency'. As you've probably noticed, I don't use the kind of exalted language that appears in that release. Moreover, the communiqué uses terms such as 'genocide' and 'capitalism' which are 'terms and expressions typical of the left' (Industrial Society and Its Future, para. 229). I hardly ever use the word 'genocide', except to criticize the misuse of it, or to point out that it is a typical leftist expression. And I rarely use the word 'capitalism', except to explain that socialism is as bad as capitalism. I have no idea who was able to make that statement public on my behalf ...

From Ted to UR (Oct 21, 2015)


Never write me anything about John Jacobi, and don’t tell Jacobi anything about me, unless you just tell him that I plainly reject all his ideas and all his projects, and that I also reject him because he is irresponsible, fool and more than half crazy.

From UR to Ted (Oct 19, 2017)

[Excerpts from this letter were adapted into a review which you can read here.]

... in the book there are too many references to and quotes of Mao, Lenin, Trotsky, Castro, Carrillo, Alinsky, etc. Very often, the names of the authors quoted in a text influence the way people judges this text and his author (or even influence whether they regard it worth reading or not). And though this tendency is not rational or is subject to errors, it is not completely preposterous because it tends to be true that many or most of the authors mentioned in a text (especially regarding humanities and “social sciences”) are ideologically akin to the author who refers to them. ...

Note by Ultimo

I have not corresponded with Kaczynski since about 2017 (I had been corresponding with him since 2002).

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