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Children's Literature Special Collection

Classic, pop-up and movable books, works by Midwestern authors and publishers, and archival material.

Early Printed Books

Imprints, incunables, and early printed books created by significant presses, printers, and type designers.

European History Special Collections

Pamphlets, bibles, and early printed books covering early modern European politics, religion, and military advances.

History of Astronomy and Mathematics

Treaties, star atlases, manuscripts, and other materials documenting scientific developments in astronomy and related disciplines.

History of Medicine

Materials documenting the history of medicine from antiquity through the 20th century.

Islamic Manuscripts

Rich range of texts demonstrating manuscript production across historical periods and Islamicate cultural areas.

Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive

Materials on the American culinary experience including cookbooks, ephemera, and restaurant menus.

Jewish Heritage Collection

Artwork, books, and objects that reflect everyday and religious aspects of Jewish life.

Joseph A. Labadie Collection

Books, pamphlets, ephemera, and more chronicling anarchism, political and social movements, and related topics.

Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

Manuscript leaves, fragments, and codices from the 6th to the 16th centuries.

Philippine American History Special Collection

Manuscripts, photographs, and more documenting colonialist aspects of Philippine history in the early 1900s.

Screen Arts Mavericks and Makers

Papers and other materials from notable independent filmmakers and distributors documenting the film production process.

Transportation History

A unique body of work covering transportation technology and travel.

The Joseph A. Labadie Collection

The Joseph A. Labadie Collection is one of the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive collections of its kind, with materials on anarchism, anti-colonialist movements, antiwar and pacifist movements, atheism and free thought, civil liberties and civil rights, ecology, labor and workers’ rights, feminism, LGBTQ movements, prisons and prisoners, the New Left, the Spanish Civil War, and youth and student protest.

The collection includes books, pamphlets, periodicals, and more, and is noteworthy for its printed ephemera and holdings of posters, photographs, sheet music, pinback buttons, and scrapbooks. It also includes important archival and manuscript material, as well as recordings of speeches, debates, oral histories, and protest songs.

New material is added regularly through both purchase and donation, with the goal of filling gaps in the historical record, building on existing areas of strength, and meeting the current and emerging needs of researchers, instructors, activists, and others who use the Labadie Collection in the Special Collections Research Center.


The Labadie Collection is named for Detroit labor organizer and anarchist Jo Labadie, who donated his personal library of books, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, and memorabilia to the university in 1911. In 2000, we received a large donation of research materials from the National Transgender Library and Archives, adding to our already strong holdings.

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Julie Herrada

Curator, Joseph A. Labadie Collection, Special Collections Research Center


Labadie Collection Finding Aids

There are 104 Special Collections Research Center finding aids online

Creator / [Collection date] Collection information
- - - [January 31, 1956-December 5, 1956] Title: 1956 Hungarian Revolution Newspaper Collection (January 31, 1956-December 5, 1956, bulk October 28, 1956-November 4, 1956)
Extent: 2.50 Linear Feet (1 oversize flat box)
Abstract: This collection consists of Hungarian-language newspapers related to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, spanning the year of 1956, with most of the newspapers published between October 28 and Novemer 4 of that year.
- - - [1974-1975] Title: 1975 Graduate Employees Organization Strike collection (1974-1975)
Extent: 0.25 Linear Feet (1 manuscript box)
Abstract: Contains leaflets, open letters, administrative documents, newspaper clippings, and other materials related to the strike by the University of Michigan's graduate student union, the Graduate Employees Organization (GEO), in 1975.
Kramer, Aaron, 1921-1997 / [1937-1996] Title: Aaron Kramer Papers (1937-1996)
Extent: 11 linear feet
Abstract: Poet identified with progressive New York City literary circles of the 1930s and 1940s, teacher and translator of Yiddish poems and songs; lived most of life in New York City and Long Island. Includes correspondence files, manuscripts and notes, audio and video recordings of lectures and readings.
Bluestein,Abe / [1930-1991] Title: Abe and Selma Bluestein Papers (1930-1991, bulk 1930-1960)
Extent: 5.25 Linear Feet
Abstract: Abe and Selma Bluestein were active in the anarchist movement in the U.S. in the 20th century. Abe worked as a reporter for the Freie Arveiter Stimme, a Yiddish anarchist publication in New York, and Selma was an artist and worked with the WPA. Both reported on the Spanish Civil War in 1937, which was foundational in the evolution of their anarchist philosophies. While in Spain, Abe also served as an information officer giving radio broadcasts for the anarchist fighters in Barcelona. Back in the U.S., Abe worked for several housing co-operatives while Selma raised their children. The collection documents the couples' personal and professional lives, including correspondence, writings, and art.
Inglis, Agnes / [1909-1952] Title: Agnes Inglis Papers (1909-1952)
Extent: 13 linear ft. and 3 Scrapbooks
Abstract: Anarchist, social worker, friend of J. A. Labadie, and first curator of the Labadie Collection. Comprise administrative files of the Labadie Collection which she combined and intermingled with personal correspondence, memoirs, and research notes.
American Committee for Protection of the Foreign Born / [1926-1980s] Title: American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born Records (1926-1980s)
Extent: 51.00 linear feet and 2 oversized volumes
Abstract: Group founded in 1933 on the initiative or Roger Baldwin of the ACLU to defend constitutional rights of foreign-born persons in the United States. It assisted individuals facing deportation, aided persons seeking to become naturalized citizens, attempted to combat harasmment and official persecution of the foreign-born, and opposed discriminatory legislation. Records include correspondence, administrative files, clippings and publicity files, subject files and case files.
Hennacy, Ammon, 1893-1970. / [1918-1966] Title: Ammon Hennacy papers (1918-1966, bulk 1936-1944)
Extent: 2.5 Linear Feet
Ann Arbor Tenants Union / [1956-1995] Title: Ann Arbor Tenants Union Records (1956-1995, bulk 1969-1991)
Extent: 12 Linear Feet (24 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: This collection consists of the administrative records of the Ann Arbor Tenants Union, primarily covering the 1970s-1980s. Materials include correspondence, meeting minutes, reference material, and information about legal cases.
Kane-Demaios, J. Ari, 1936- / [1976-2016] Title: Ari J. Kane Papers (1976-2016)
Extent: 14.5 Linear Feet (29 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: The Ari J. Kane Papers (1976-2016) document the activities of the sex and gender studies therapist, educator, and advocate Ari J. Kane, who founded Fantasia Fair and the Outreach Institute for Gender Studies (OIGS). The collection contains personal materials such as correspondence, research materials, educational presentations created by Kane, and other miscellaneous materials from Kane's involvement in the LGBT community. Included in the collection are organizational correspondence and records relating to the Outreach Institute of Gender Studies and the Educational Institute for Sex and Gender Diversity. Also included are event programs, planning information, workshop materials, member lists, and correspondence from events and programs such as Fantasia Fair, the Gender Attitude Reassessment Program, GAYLA, and various professional organizations' annual meetings. The collection contains photographs from Kane's participation in events, parties, and travels around the United States.
Haan, Aubrey. / [1909-1951 and Undated] Title: Aubrey Haan Papers (1909-1951 and Undated)
Extent: 0.5 Linear Feet (One manuscript box)
Abstract: The Aubrey Haan Papers consist of three series, and include correspondence, research materials, and two book manuscripts for Haan's work on a biography of Joe Hill, neither of which was ever published. Hill was a cartoonist and song writer for the Industrial Workers of the World union, and was executed for murder in 1915, following a controversial trial. Materials range from 1909-1951, and primarily cover Haan's research on Hill and the trial. Included is a transcript of the Hill trial, as well as several newspaper articles and other trial materials. The collection consists of three series: Correspondence; Research Materials; and Manuscripts.
Goodfriend, Audrey / [1948-1985] Title: Audrey Goodfriend Papers (1948-1985, bulk 1979-1980)
Extent: .5 Linear Feet (One folder)
Abstract: This collection consists of one folder. With the exception of one manuscript dated 1948, and some undated materials, the contents date from 1979 to 1983. All the items in the collection are letters sent to Goodfriend, or written materials collected by her. None of her own writing is included. There are two postcards and a letter from Molly Steimer to Audrey Goodfriend, and a letter from Proudhon Carbo reporting Steimer's death, all sent from Mexico; the letter from Steimer discusses Goodfriend's separation with David Koven. The 1948 manuscript is a carbon copy of a memorial message for "Comrade Pece" written by Jules Scarceriaux. A photocopy of an unsigned memorial for Dora Stoller Keyser, and some miscellaneous flyers and writings round out the collection.
Smith, Andy Sunfrog, 1967. / [1988-1996] Title: Babyfish papers (1988-1996)
Extent: 1 Linear Feet (2 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: Babyfish was a radical political zine published by Detroit-based poet, anarchist, and pansexual advocate Andy Smith, also known as Sunfrog, between 1988 and 1996.
Barbara Murphy / [1963-1999] Title: Barbara Murphy Papers (1963-1999)
Extent: 1.0 Linear Feet (3 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence, news clippings, writings, manuscripts, and ephemera related to Barbara Murphy's involvement in student protest movements at the University of Michigan in the 1960s. Also included are reports, manuscripts, administrative materials, and correspondence generated during her subsequent career at the University of Michigan, primarily concerning her work to advance women's rights at the university.
Fisher Manick, Bev / [1964-1985] Title: Bev Fisher Manick Women's Movement Collection (1964-1985, bulk 1971-1989)
Extent: 8 Linear Feet (15 manuscript size boxes and 3 oversize boxes)
Abstract: Files, notes, documents, and print material concerning all aspects of the women's movement of the 1970s. Creator was active in the movement, in Washington DC and NYC organizing demonstrations and workshops. She was also involved with the feminist publication Quest. Files are primarily from 1971-1979, although the collection spans from 1964-1985.
- - - [July 12, 1917, and undated] Title: Bisbee Deportation photographs (July 12, 1917, and undated)
Extent: 1.5 Linear Feet (16 photographs in one oversize flat box)
Abstract: Materials consist of 17 mounted, black-and-white photographs of deportees during the 1917 Bisbee Deportation.
Black Liberation Army / [1963-1998] Title: Black Liberation Army Papers (1963-1998)
Extent: 1.5 Linear feet (1 records box and 1 manuscript box)
Abstract: The Black Liberation Army (BLA) was an underground Black Nationalist organization largely comprised of former Black Panther Party members. The majority of the materials in the Black Liberation Army archive fall under the Thomas "Blood" McCreary series, a member of the BLA. The archive consists of seven series: Thomas "Blood" McCreary, Correspondence, 1976-1978, Legal, Topical, Newspaper Clippings, 1969-1978, Events, Publications and Black Panther Party. The documents range in date from 1963-1998.
Bread and Roses Productions / [1978-1983] Title: Bread and Roses Productions Audiovisual Library (1978-1983)
Extent: 9 Cassettes (9 cassettes)
Abstract: Bread and Roses Productions was formed in 1978 as a way to combat what its members saw as negative and harmful portrayals of women on television. The group, formed by several volunteers at the Women's Crisis Center of Ann Arbor, filmed public service announcements, lectures, interviews, and other programs to draw attention to issues related to women's lives in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti areas. The collection consists of sixteen magnetic tapes containing audiovisual recordings of programs, interviews, and events recorded by Bread and Roses Productions between 1978 and 1983.
Kahn, Margaret / [1941-1989] Title: British Coal Miners' Strike Papers (1941-1989, bulk 1980-1987)
Extent: 9.0 Linear Feet (18 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: This collection was created by Margaret Kahn, a political science graduate student from the University of California, Berkeley. Kahn traveled to Great Britain to conduct research into coal miners' unions for her doctorate thesis on labor relations. While there, she witnessed and documented the coal miners' Great Strike of 1984/1985. The collection consists of Kahn's research notes and writings, along with books, papers, reports, pamphlets, and ephemera produced by unions, interest groups, companies, and government bodies. Subjects covered include the 1984/85 strike as well as broader contemporary conflicts over labor, energy, and governance in the UK.
Bryant, Bunyan I. / [1961-1965] Title: Bunyan Bryant Papers (1961-1965)
Extent: 1.0 Linear feet (2 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: The Bunyan Bryant Papers hold documents related to anti-discrimination activities in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, as well as national efforts through the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), from 1961-1965. Efforts in Ann Arbor center on housing at Pittsfield Village, Arbordale Manor, and include documentation on city-wide fair housing efforts and policies.
California Labor School / [1942-1955] Title: California Labor School Records (1942-1955)
Extent: 1.5 linear feet
Abstract: Formerly the Tom Mooney Labor School, the records consist of correspondence, minutes of faculty meetings, faculty committee reports, financial records and fundraising materials, promotional flyers and press releases, student publications, course outlines and course announcement flyers, school term schedules from 1950 to 1955, and a transcript of the proceedings of a forum, "Industry and Labor in the Postwar World," held on July 26, 1944. Included are letters to Yehudi Menuhin and Isaac Stern concerning support of a music department at CLS. The school was investigated in 1946 by the Tenney Committee, the California legislature's Joint Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities, on the charge that an institute jointly held by CLS and the University of California was Communist-sponsored. However, the only indication of this fact in the records is brief mention in the faculty meeting minutes.
Nold, Carl, 1869-1934 / [1883-1934] Title: Carl Nold Papers (1883-1934, bulk 1930-1934)
Extent: .25 Linear Feet (1 small manuscript box)
Abstract: Carl Nold was a German-born anarchist who was involved in the Homestead Strike (1892) and served prison time for being involved in the plot to assasinate Henry Clay Frick. This collection is comprised of his correspondence, some photos, news clippings, articles about or by Nold, and court documents.
King, Carol Weiss, 1895-1952. / [1936-1992] Title: Carol Weiss King Collection (1936-1992)
Extent: 1 Linear Feet (1 records center box)
Abstract: This collection is the result of notes and materials assembled by Ann Fagan Ginger in preparation for the biography Carol Weiss King, human rights lawyer, 1895-1952. Research for the book began shortly after King's death in 1952 and continued into the 1980s. The biography was published by the University Press of Colorado in 1993. Ginger donated the Carol Weiss King collection in 1999.
Chellis Glendinning / [1980-2020] Title: Chellis Glendinning Papers (1980-2020)
Extent: 21 Linear Feet (12 record center boxes, one portfolio, 14 manuscript boxes, and 1 oversize box)
Abstract: Papers of activist, author, and licensed psychotherapist who is well-known in the field of ecopsychology and as a critic of the predominance of technology in society. Included are correspondence, manuscript material, photographs, serial publications and books.
Tufts, Henry H. / [1968-1975] Title: Colonel Henry Tufts Papers (1968-1975, bulk 1968-1972)
Extent: 6.0 Linear Feet (12 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: The Tufts Papers contain case files, related documents, internal USACIDC administration and operational papers, and application of USACIDC resources. The Administrative Files consist of background and history of the USACIDC, as well as biographical information on Tufts, including a transcript of an interview, and some brief biographical sketches on other military personnel. Correspondence contains letters and memoranda between Tufts and other military personnel. The largest series, Case Files, concerns criminal investigations which Colonel Tufts directed, including the one convened for the My Lai Massacre. Additional cases involve other war crimes, murder, drug trafficking, drug use, bribery, rape, corruption, racketeering, illegal use of government property, etc.
Goodhue, F. M., 1870?- / [1931-1954] Title: Commonwealth College Papers (1931-1954)
Extent: 19 items
Abstract: F. M. Goodhue was an early member of Commonwealth Colony in New Llano, Louisiana, and an official of Commonwealth College, a cooperative, democratic labor school in Mena, Arkansas, founded in 1923 by Kate Richards O'Hare and William E. Zeuch. The papers include correspondence, articles, newspaper clippings, and an extensive typescript by Goodhue on the history of the Colony and the College. They document the early years of the College, dissension among the faculty over the sexual conduct of students, a student strike, and dissolution and sale of the College in 1940-41.
Stewart, Don / [1890-2000] Title: Don Stewart IWW Collection (1890-2000)
Extent: 3 Linear Feet (The collection is comprised of six manuscript boxes. )
Abstract: This collection documenting the history of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and of labor organizing in North America was assembled by Don Stewart, owner of the Vancouver bookstore MacLeod's Books since 1973. The collection is arranged into five series. Organizational Records comprise records of the central IWW administration, such as general convention minutes (1913-1969 with gaps), general executive boards letters and minutes (1959-1964), financial statements (1918-1944 with gaps), membership cards, and documents from the general defense committee relating to IWW prisoners during World War I. Reflecting the IWW's internal structure, Constituent Unions Records are organized by industrial trade numbers and include administrative documents and organizing literature. Constituent Unions Records also include a few folders relating to the Western Federation of Miners, which pre-dates IWW's founding in 1905 The Colorado Coal Strike Archive is a set of letters, telegrams between labor organizers, bulletins to workers, and other documents relating to the Columbine Mine Massacre of 1927. Topical Literature contains general ephemera by the IWW and literature related to the IWW and labor unions, including a transcript of the play "The Wobblies" by Ronald Weihs and a memorial booklet for Carlo Tresca. Finally, International Material contains foreign print materials about IWW or labor more generally. It also contains records and letters from the Canadian division of IWW in the Vancouver area, including letters from Fred Thompson and Pete Seeger.
Werkheiser, Don / [1885-1998] Title: Don Werkheiser Papers (1885-1998, bulk 1950-1994)
Extent: 8 linear feet
Abstract: Don Werkheiser was a teacher, writer, and philosopher-reformer active in the last half of the 20th century. He is best described as an individualist anarchist and libertarian. Most of his writings center on the philosophy of Mutual Option Relationship, which he developed and promoted throughout his life. It is multidisciplinary in its nature but based mainly on principles of equal rights and freedom of the individual. The eight linear feet of papers consist primarily of Werkheiser's writings (in the form of notes, drafts, and finished typescripts), correspondence with friends and colleagues, and related ephemera. A small number of photographs, materials documenting Werkheiser's interests and activities, and works by associates of Werkheiser are also present.
Doree, E. F. (Edward Frederick) / [1917-1922] Title: E.F. Doree papers (1917-1922)
Extent: .5 Linear Feet (2 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize folder)
Abstract: This collection contains personal and case-related correspondence, documents, and photographs from E.F. Doree, a labor organized imprisoned but later pardoned for his political activities.
Yellin, Edward L. (Edward Leon), 1927-2020; Yellin, Jean Fagan, 1930- / [1948-2019] Title: Ed and Jean Yellin HUAC Papers (1948-2019)
Extent: 4.5 Linear Feet (9 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: The Ed and Jean Yellin HUAC Papers (1948-2019) consist of materials relating to the Yellins' legal battles against the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) after Ed Yellin's refusal to testify on the basis of the First Amendment. The materials detail the effects on the Yellins' lives, and their later decision to publish a memoir about their experiences, titled In Contempt: Defending Free Speech, Defeating HUAC. The materials also document the progression of the case and subsequent appeals. The collection consists of five series: Correspondence, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Files, Newspaper Clippings, Research Files, and In Contempt Manuscript Drafts and Notes.
Stover, Robert "Ed"; Goring, William "Bill" / [1970-1972] Title: Ed Stover Prison Letter Collection (1970-1972)
Extent: 0.5 Linear Feet (One manuscript box)
Weber, Edward Charles, 1922-2006 / [1949-2006] Title: Edward C. Weber Papers (1949-2006)
Extent: 28.0 Linear feet (54 manuscript boxes, 1 oversized box.)
Abstract: Edward C. Weber (1922-2006) was long-time curator of the University of Michigan Special Collection's Joseph A. Labadie Collection of radical history. Under his stewardship, the Labadie Collection grew into one of the premier and most forward-thinking holdings of materials relating to radical and protest groups from the United States and around the world. The Edward C. Weber Papers are made up of the subject's correspondence and biographical materials, written from 1949 to 2006. The bulk of the collection, the correspondence is mostly comprised of Weber's letters soliciting materials on behalf of the Labadie Collection or fielding reference questions from researchers, as well as personal correspondence from the his family and friends. The collection's materials are comprised of letters (typed and handwritten), printed out emails, postcards, greeting cards, news clippings, photographs, printed biographical materials, framed commendations, and other miscellaneous paper materials.
Bloor, Ella Reeve, 1862-1951 / [1912-1922] Title: Ella Reeve Bloor Papers (1912-1922)
Extent: 2.0 Linear feet (4 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: Ella Reeve "Mother" Bloor (1862–1951) was an American activist dedicated to the labor movement, the Socialist Party, and numerous radical groups.
Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940; Hersch, Virginia; Berkman, Alexander, 1870-1936 / [1930-1934] Title: Emma Goldman / Virginia Hersch papers (1930-1934, bulk 1931-1932)
Extent: 0.5 Linear Feet (1 manuscript box)
Abstract: This collection consists of letters from anarchist writers and labor organizers Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman to their friends Virginia and Lee Hersch, along with a couple miscellaneous private publications.
Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940; Van Valkenburgh, Warren Starr, 1884-1938.; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926.Debs, Theodore, 1864-1945.Yelensky, Boris, 1889-1974Berger, Victor L., 1860-1929Hall, Bolton, 1854-1838Weinberger, Harry, 1888-Scott, Evelyn, 1893-1963Baldwin, Roger Nash, 1884-Kelly, Harry, 1871-1953Levine, Isaac Don, 1892-1981Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945Ellis, Havelock, 1859-1939Kuehn, Herman.Nettlau, Max, 1865-1944Reitman, Ben L. (Ben Lewis), 1879-1942.Steffens, Lincoln, 1866-1936Hapgood, Hutchins, 1869-1944Seldes, George,, 1890-1995 / [1910s to 1930s] Title: Emma Goldman and Warren Starr Van Valkenburgh (1910s to 1930s)
Extent: 1.00 Linear Feet (Two manuscript boxes)
Abstract: This collection contains materials about the personal lives and political activities of Emma Goldman and Warren Starr Van Valkenburgh, organized into four series. The bulk of the collection is correspondence between the two anarchists, primarily from the 1920s (Series 1). Also included is correspondence with other people (Series 2), records and correspondence related to committees for various political causes and to raise funds for the writing of Goldman's autobiography (Series 3), and printed materials including books and pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and typewritten drafts written by Goldman (Series 4).
Dolgoff, Esther, 1905-; Cohen, Joseph Jacob, 1878-1953 / [1980-2018] Title: Esther Dolgoff "Jewish Anarchist Movement in America" collection (1980-2018, bulk 1980-1989)
Extent: 0.5 Linear Feet (1 manuscript box)
Abstract: This collection contains material related to the anarchist Esther Dolgoff's English translation, completed around 1980, of Joseph Cohen's 1945 Yiddish book Di yidish anarkhistishe bavegung in Amerike: historike iberblik un perzenlekhe iberlebungen (The Jewish Anarchist Movement in America: Historical Overview and Personal Experiences). In addition to a photocopy of Dolgoff's handwritten translation of the four-part work, the collection contains a small number of letters written by Dolgoff concerning the manuscript.
Langbord, Eva; Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940 / [1934-1985] Title: Eva Langbord Emma Goldman Papers (1934-1985)
Extent: .5 Linear Feet (One manuscript box containing 142 items)
Abstract: The collection contains material related primarily to Langbord's long friendship with Emma Goldman. It includes correspondence, clippings, portraits of Goldman, and miscellaneous material related to Goldman including her Russian passport, US citizenship document, and affidavits witnessing Goldman's marriage. It also contains a signed will by Alexander Berkman.
Arcos, Federico, 1920-2015 / [1931-2015] Title: Federico Arcos Papers (1931-2015)
Extent: 4.5 Linear Feet (Eight manuscript boxes and two half manuscript boxes)
Fifth Estate / [1967-2016] Title: Fifth Estate Records (1967-2016, bulk 1982-1999)
Extent: 17 Linear Feet (34 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: Politically and socially radical underground newspaper founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1965. The tabloid reflected an anarchist-libertarian philosophy during the 1970s under the influence of the "Eat the Rich Gang," which included editors Peter and Marilyn Werbe. Throughout the 1980s, the Fifth Estate continued to cover local issues and events, along with critiques of modern industrial society and articles covering the radical environmental movement. In 1999, the "Alternative Press Review" described the paper as an "anti-technology, anti-civilization, anarcho-primitivist quarterly."Collection consists of correspondence, business and office records, submissions for possible publication, clippings, flyers, posters, and photographs documenting the activities of the Fifth Estate primarily from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s. Financial documents, advertising, subscription and book orders, as well as legal documents regarding lawsuits are included. Correspondents include Bob Black, Peter Werbe, Marilyn Werbe, David Watson, John Zerzan, Lorraine Perlman, and editor (2002- ) Andy Smith (also known under the pseudonyms Sunfrog, Anu Bonobo, and Andrew Smith). The bulk of the audiovisual and digital media relate to Peter Werbe's Late Night radio show that dealt with similar topics as Fifth Estate.
Steiner, Francis / [1918-1920] Title: Francis Steiner Papers (1918-1920)
Extent: 70 Items
Abstract: Private Steiner, a communist and conscientious objector, was sentenced to death for refusing military orders in WWI. Sentence was commuted to 15 years hard-labor by President Harding. Consists of 66 Steiner letters written from prison to his sisters and mother.
Rosemont, Franklin; Rosemont, Penelope / [1950-2012] Title: Franklin and Penelope Rosemont papers (1950-2012, bulk 1960-2009)
Extent: 48.00 Linear Feet (94 manuscript boxes, 1 record center box)
Abstract: The Rosemont Papers comprise the writings, papers, and correspondence of Franklin and Penelope Rosemont. Major subjects include the Surrealist Movement in Chicago, the United States, and internationally; the publishing activities of Black Swan Press and Charles H. Kerr Company; the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW); and labor history. The collection includes original artwork, photographs, poetry, and published and unpublished manuscripts by the Rosemonts and their contemporaries.
Cohen, Joseph Jacob, 1878-1953.; Mrachnyi, Mark / [1922-1940] Title: Fraye Arbeter Shtime (Freie Arbeiter Stimme) Papers (1922-1940)
Extent: .5 Linear Feet (1 manuscript box)
Abstract: This collection consists of manuscripts of articles submitted to Fraye Arbeter Shtime, a Jewish Anarchist journal, during the 1920s and 30s.
Holt, Frederick Holford, 1867-1929 / [1915-1917] Title: Frederick and Lilian Holt Peace Expedition Papers (1915-1917)
Extent: 1.5 Linear Feet
Abstract: Correspondence, photos, and other material of Detroit businessman Frederick Holt relating to his activities as a member of the Ford Peace Expedition in 1915, as the personal representative of Henry Ford and business manager for the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation in 1916, and with the War Department Commission on Training Camp Activities, 1917, and the Playground and Recreation Association of America, 1917. Papers of his wife, Lilian (Silk) Holt (1869-1949), a women's suffragist and philanthropist, include a speech and correspondence, primarily about the Woman's Peace Party, 1915-1916. Among the correspondents are Henry Ford and Hungarian writer and feminist Rosika Schwimmer.
Salzman, George / [1969-2017, bulk 1990-2008] Title: George Salzman Papers (, bulk 1969-2017, bulk 1990-2008)
Extent: 3 Linear Feet (Salzman's papers have been rehoused in 6 manuscript boxes. )
Abstract: This collection consists of physics professor and anarchist George Salzman's manuscripts, writings, correspondence, photographs, teaching materials, and ephemera.
Pyrros, James G. / [1949-1995 (bulk dates 1967-1974)] Title: Greek Anti-Junta Struggle collection (1949-1995 (bulk dates 1967-1974))
Extent: 13.5 Linear Feet (11 record center boxes and 3 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: The Greek Anti-Junta Struggle Papers are a collection of materials on the subject of the Greek coup d'etat by military leaders in 1967 and the ensuing junta which continued until 1974. The collection includes not only a thorough assemblage of newspaper and magazine clippings, but also a sizable and valuable compilation of such materials as correspondence, government reports and briefings, press releases, transcripts, essays, periodicals, and a full collection of Congressional Record items relating to Greece from 1956-1975.
Bool, Henry / [1895-1921] Title: Henry Bool correspondence (1895-1921)
Extent: 4 linear ft. (351 items)
Abstract: Consists of 7 outgoing and 344 incoming letters, largely from 1896-1903. Chiefly concerns Bool's financial support of anarchists and their publications, especially Benjamin R. Tucker and Liberty, and Moses Harman and Lucifer, the light-bearer, distribution of literature, particularly Bool's pamphlet Liberty luminants, the philosophy and activities of anarchist friends and acquaintances, notably John W. Lloyd, as well as personal and business affairs.
Brundage, Slim, 1903-1990; Sheridan, Jack, 1905-1967 / [1905-1997] Title: Hobohemia Collection (1905-1997)
Extent: 17.0 Linear feet (16 boxes)
Abstract: The Hobohemia Collection contains materials from 1905-1997. The materials are original correspondence and manuscripts, photographs, serials, pamphlets, ephemera, clippings, and realia. The collection centers around soap box culture, radical thought, and open forums for free speech in Chicago that were popular from mid-1910’s to the early sixties. Jack Sheridan and to a much greater degree, Slim Brundage and The College of Complexes, are the main focus of this collection.
Kaimowitz, Benita, 1935-; Vandenberg, Edward; Vandenberg, Victoria Lewicki / [October 1948 - May 1997] Title: Human Rights Party Papers (October 1948 - May 1997, bulk 1977-1986)
Extent: 2 Linear Feet (4 manuscript boxes.)
Abstract: The Human Rights Party Papers consist of correspondence, writings, administrative materials, teaching materials, notes, reports, and photos regarding the life and works of Benita and Gabe Kaimowitz and Edward and Victoria Vandenberg, all of whom were active members of the Human Rights Party in Ann Arbor in the 1970s.
Engdahl, J. Louis (John Louis), 1884-1932 / [1885-1981] Title: J. Louis Engdahl Papers (1885-1981, bulk 1912-1932)
Extent: 6.5 linear feet
Abstract: J. Louis Engdahl (1884-1932), editor and journalist, was an advocate for labor, socialist, and communist causes. The collection includes letters Engdahl wrote to his wife and daughter, trial transcripts, photographs; Engdahl's original writings; and published works in various formats. Also included are memorabilia, clippings, pamphlets, and other printed material, and artwork.
Girard, Jacques / [1975-1999] Title: Jacques Girard Papers (1975-1999)
Extent: 0.75 Linear Feet (3 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: This collection documents the activities of Jacques Girard, who was an activist, organizer, and researcher of LGTBQ issues in France from the 1970s to the late 1990s. The collection consists of records relating to organizations that Girard was a part of, personal research papers, and manuscripts and print ephemera. Many of the materials are in original folders labeled by Girard. The collection contains three series: General Records, CUARH Records, and Research Records.
Herod, James / [1968-2007] Title: James Herod Papers (1968-2007)
Extent: 1 linear ft. (1 box)
Abstract: The collection consist of copies of the author's two published books; about a third of his estimated fifty essays; several pamphlets; a limited series of mostly email correspondence dating from the turn of the millennium; and a small set of papers documenting workplace policies and politics. Of special interest are the thorough correspondence with George Salzman; the hard-to-find Autonomous Marxism: An Annotated Course Syllabus and Bibliography, by Harry Cleaver; and the set of documents pertaining to the Lucy Parsons Center.
Stiller, Jennifer A.; Kunstler, William M. (William Moses), 1919-1995 / [1969-1970] Title: Jennifer Stiller Conspiracy Trial Papers (1969-1970)
Extent: .5 Linear Feet (One manuscript box)
Abstract: Materials related to the trial known variously as the Chicago Seven/Eight Trial or the Conspiracy Trial, which took place in Chicago between 1969 and 1970, gathered by Jenny Stiller. Stiller, at the time a Michigan Daily reporter, attended the trial and took detailed notes. After the close of the trial she interviewed members of the media and wrote a book called "The Movement" based partially on these interviews. The bulk of the collection is Stiller's own writing, including her notebooks and unpublished manuscript. Collection includes six notepads, the book manuscript, Stiller's press passes, and a statement from attorney William Kunstler.
Jessica Zychowicz / [1992-2019] Title: Jessica Zychowicz Papers (1992-2019)
Extent: 1 Linear Feet (1 manuscript box and 1 oversize box)
Abstract: Artwork, ephemera, journals, and underground publications (samizdat) related to protest movements in Ukraine.
- - - [1926-1951] Title: John E. Pokorny Papers (1926-1951, bulk 1931-1940)
Extent: 4 Linear Feet (Two record center boxes and one flat folio)
Abstract: During the 1930s, and possibly longer, John E. Pokorny was employed by Ford Motor Company as an assistant to Harry Bennett in personnel and security matters. Whether as part of his job or on his own time, Pokorny collected information on supposed subversive organizations in the Detroit, Michigan, area and, for Ford, investigated Communist infiltration oflabor unions. John Pokorny collected most of the materials in this collection to document supposed subversive activities in the Detroit area and in the United States in general. This collection largely reflects Pokorny's collecting practices and not his personal papers; hence, the collection is arranged similar to a subject file. The folders are arranged alphabetically by subject or name with most of the material dating from the 1930s. Most of the original folder titles have been maintained from Pokorny's original arrangement. News clippings comprise a majority of the contents of the collection and most of these are photocopies of the originals. The collection also contains printed materials (leaflets, brochures, flyers), some manuscript material, and a few photographs.
Finerty, John Frederick / [1921-1960] Title: John Frederick Finerty Irish Papers (1921-1960)
Extent: 4 Linear Feet (8 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: John Frederick Finerty was an Irish-American lawyer who served as legal counsel for Pres. Eamon de Valera in the Irish Republican bond litigation, was active in various organizations in support of Irish independence, and served in defense of various causes and clients, including Sacco and Venzetti and the Rosenbergs.The Papers deal primarily with the Irish bond issue.
Bekken, Jon, 1960- / [1985-2016] Title: Jon Bekken papers (1985-2016)
Extent: 1.00 Linear Feet (Two manuscript boxes)
Abstract: This collection contains the papers of Jon Bekken, who holds a PhD in Communications and has been a faculty member at Albright College. Bekken has served in the past as general secretary-treasurer of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and as editor of the Industrial Worker. He is on the editorial team of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Review, a magazine founded in 1986 as the Libertarian Labor Review. The bulk of the papers consists of records from the Libertarian Labor Review. The collection also includes scholarly articles by Bekken and others, documentation of his contested termination from the University of Central Arkansas in the early 1990s, and papers related to the general topic of anarchism and state of the movement.
Labadie, Jo, 1850-1933.; Labadie, Sophie Archambeau / [1870-1933] Title: Joseph A. Labadie Papers (1870-1933)
Extent: 7 Linear Feet (14 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: The collection, which spans 1870s-1960s (bulk dates 1880s-1930s), chiefly includes correspondence with fellow workers in the labor movement, publishers and writers for anarchist, socialist, and labor journals, and a wide circle of friends, some letters being also addressed to Mrs. Labadie, manuscripts of his articles, speeches, and poems, photographs, and personal documents. The Family series also contains a folder of correspondence relating to the donation of this collection to the University of Michigan Library. Joseph Labadie's activities within the labor movement in Detroit, his anarchist philosphy, as well that of the many correspondents he had, and early Detroit history is welldocumented in this collection.
Warren, Josiah, 1798-1874 / [1834-1868] Title: Josiah Warren papers (1834-1868)
Extent: 28 items
Abstract: The Josiah Warren Papers comprises correspondence chiefly relating to the use of Warren's stereotype invention, the Equity movement, the cooperative society he founded in Modern Times [now Brentwood] N.Y., his philosophy of land ownership, and his journal, The Periodical Letter; lectures notes; and an article. Also printed leaflets.
Heinzen, Karl, 1809-1880 / [1797-1905] Title: Karl Heinzen Papers (1797-1905)
Extent: 1.25 Linear Feet (2 regular manuscript boxes and 1 half-width manuscript box.)
Abstract: Comprise correspondence, including series of letters from Ferdinand Freiligrath, Clara Neymann, and Mathilde F. Wendt; correspondence and documents relating to Der Pionier, with many letters relating to his efforts in 1862 to prevent confirmation of Col. L. Blenker as Brig. Gen. in the U.S. Army; manuscripts of his Gedichte and Erlebtes, and other works including poems, lectures, and articles; personal documents; and family papers including those of his father, Joseph Heinzen, and of his wife, Henriette Schiller Heinzen, including the Schiller and Moras family papers. Other correspondents include L. Bamburger, H. von Ende, H. Erichsen, K. Röser, J. A. Sprague, and F. H. Zitz.
Boyle, Kay / [1966-1980] Title: Kay Boyle (Cambodia) papers (1966-1980)
Extent: 0.5 Linear Feet (1 manuscript box)
Abstract: These materials were collected during American writer Kay Boyle's time in Cambodia from 1966-1980, reporting on the impact of the Vietnam War.
Labadie, Laurance, 1896-1975. / [1882-1973] Title: Laurance Labadie Papers (1882-1973)
Extent: 9.5 Linear Feet (24 boxes)
Abstract: The Laurance Labadie Papers document the work and life of Laurance Labadie, anarchist writer and theorist and son of the noted labor leader and anarchist Joseph A. Labadie. The collection contains correspondence, other writings, and printed material related to Laurance's economic theory and work with the School of Living, as well as a series containing papers related to the work of Laurance's father Joseph A. Labadie.
The Leaping Lesbian / [1977-1980] Title: Leaping Lesbian records (1977-1980)
Extent: 1.5 Linear Feet (One record center box and one manuscript box)
Abstract: This collection contains material related to the Ann Arbor- and University of Michigan- based magazine the Leaping Lesbian, which grew from a local to national profile over the course of its publication. Although the records contain little information on the magazine's administrators, they provide a descriptive view of both the local and national lesbian community. The publications themselves reflect these communities through submitted articles, letters to the editor and news releases. Business correspondence vividly portrays the growing network of lesbian and women's enterprises in the late 1970s. And personal correspondence shows the emergence of a similar network within the social community.
Biron, Lionel / [1970s-2010s] Title: Lionel Biron Papers (1970s-2010s)
Extent: 1 Linear Feet (Two manuscript boxes.)
Abstract: This collection contains materials about the gay communities of Ann Arbor and San Francisco, primarily in the 1970s and early 1980s. The materials were collected by Lionel Biron, who as a graduate student in Ann Arbor was instrumental in the founding of the Graduate Employees Organization and the Gay Community Services Center. The bulk of this collection relates to gay and artistic life and political activity in Ann Arbor, but San Francisco is also represented. The final series includes Biron's books of photography.
Middlesex, Lisa / [1974-2005] Title: Lisa Middlesex Papers (1974-2005, bulk 1980-2004)
Extent: 18.0 Linear Feet (7 boxes, 1 manuscript box, 8 oversize boxes)
Abstract: Papers of Ann Arbor artist, writer, and musician who specialized in artwork involving bondage, fetishism, sadomasochism, cross-dressing, and transsexuality. Included are correspondence, personal items, original artwork, original writings, photographs, scrapbooks, and audiovisual materials.
Nungesser, Lon G. / [1970-1989] Title: Lon G. Nungesser Hope for Humanity Papers (1970-1989)
Extent: 2 Linear Feet
Abstract: The Lon G. Nungesser Hope for Humanity Papers, 1970-1989 comprise correspondence, drafts of unpublished and published manuscripts, ideas for research projects, family history material, publishers' contracts, placement files, and copies of his three books: Homosexual acts, actors and identities (Praeger, 1983), Epidemic of courage: facing AIDS in America (St. Martin's, 1986), and Notes on living until we say goodbye: a personal guide (St. Martin's, 1988). The papers reflect Nungesser's struggle against homophobia and particularly his battle with AIDS and coping with terminal illness. Correspondents include Dana H. Bramel, Stuart Kellogg, and Philip G. Zimbardo.
Blanc, Louis, 1811-1882 / [1849-1878] Title: Louis Blanc Papers (1849-1878)
Extent: 0.5 Linear feet (1 manuscript box)
Abstract: French activist Louis Blanc's papers consist of five manuscripts and 59 letters, most addressed to publisher Leon Escudier, and to Blanc's long-time friend, Noel Parfait (1831-1898).
Graham, Marcus, b. 1893. / [1936-1974] Title: Marcus Graham Papers (1936-1974)
Extent: 0.25 Linear feet (1 small manuscript box.)
Holtz, Mark / [1933-1934] Title: Mark Holtz Correspondence (1933-1934)
Extent: 17 items
Abstract: The letters in the Mark Holtz Correspondence collection, addressed to Holtz from various locations in Russia, are from seven Russian political dissidents who had received money and the promise of reading material from Holtz, an American teacher living in Los Angeles. The letters give brief descriptions of the authors' desolation, illness, and great financial need. Writers are Lev L. Blomets, Andrei N. Kalachev, V. Khudolei, A. A. Kolemasov, Anatoli Konse, Raia V. Shulman, and Nikolai Tushanov.
Mrachnyi, Mark / [1922-1940] Title: Mark Mrachnyi Papers (1922-1940)
Extent: 5 linear ft. (214 items)
Abstract: Mrachnyi, a Russian immigrant anarchist, who at various times went by the surnames Clevans, Klavansky, and Mratchny, was editor of Freie Arbeiter Stimme in the 1930s. The papers consist of correspondence relating to personal matters and editorial work, three radiograms reporting on the Spanish Civil War, some miscellaneous documents, and six circulars and one manifesto of the Association Internationale des Travailleurs. Contains letters from many leading anarchists including Emma Goldman. The papers are in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Yiddish, with the Russian and Yiddish items accompanied by translations.
Vicinus, Martha J. / [1968-1976] Title: Martha J. Vicinus Papers (1968-1976)
Extent: 1.25 linear feet in 4 boxes
Abstract: Documents and correspondence detailing Martha Vicinus' involvement in the New University Conference (NUC).
Sostre, Martin, 1923-2015; Sostre, Vincent; Felber, Garrett / [1923-2013] Title: Martin Sostre Collection (1923-2013, bulk 1967-1976)
Extent: 0.5 Linear Feet (One manuscript box.)
Abstract: The Martin Sostre Collection (1923-2013; bulk 1967-1976) consists of correspondence, flyers, drawings, newspaper clippings, court records, pamphlets, newsletters, photographs, and handwritten notes pertaining to activist Martin Sostre. The collection contains original material created by Sostre, as well as material collected by others while he was incarcerated.
Weik, Mary Hays, 1898- / [1921-1979] Title: Mary Hays Weik papers (1921-1979)
Extent: 8.35 linear feet
Abstract: The Mary Hays Weik Papers include correspondence with anti-nuclear activists world wide, public officials, concerned citizens, and Weik's family; newsletters and articles on nuclear power, civil rights, neighborhood improvement in Cincinnati in the 1950s, and right-wing and anti-communist organizations; other writings by Weik; legal documents on nuclear power plants in New York; research notes; newspaper clippings; and subject files. Also includes the correspondence, 1950-1954, of Caroline Urie, who, like Weik, was a leader of the American branch of the International Registry of World Citizens.
Mattachine Society / [1957-1995] Title: Mattachine Society Records (1957-1995, bulk 1959-1960)
Extent: .5 Linear Feet (1 manuscript box)
Abstract: This collection is comprised of various administrative materials created or gathered by the Mattachine Society's Regional Council in Detroit. These materials were created and/or gathered between 1957 and 1995, with the bulk of the material coming from 1959-1960.
Michigan Central Railroad Company / [24 April 1930 - 6 September 1934 and undated] Title: Michigan Central Railroad Mugshot collection (24 April 1930 - 6 September 1934 and undated)
Extent: 1 Linear Feet (112 photographs and attached cards in two manuscript boxes)
Abstract: The Michigan Central Railroad Police Department Mugshot Photographs Collection contains 112 mugshots and accompanying police intake records for suspected members of the Communist Party USA.
Gold, Michael; Folsom, Michael / [1901-1990, and undated] Title: Mike Gold (Irwin Granich) and Mike Folsom papers (1901-1990, and undated, bulk 1930-1967)
Extent: 13 Linear Feet (13 record boxes and 1 oversize box)
- - - [1970s] Title: Motor City Labor League Collection (1970s)
Extent: 1 Linear Feet
Abstract: Materials related to the Marxist-Leninist group Motor City Labor League, active in Detroit in the 1970s. Divided into series based loosely on date and group. The group had an acrimonious split in the early 1970s, with the alliances of the resulting organizations constantly shifting.
Denny, Dallas, 1949- / [1977-2001] Title: National Transgender Library and Archive Collection (1977-2001, bulk 1990-1999)
Extent: 28.5 Linear Feet (20 boxes)
Sturgeon, Noël, 1956- / [1977-2002] Title: Noël Sturgeon Papers (1977-2002, bulk 1983-1993)
Extent: 4 Linear Feet (4 linear feet of materials stored in 8 manuscript boxes. Includes 9 audio cassettes. )
Abstract: The Noël Sturgeon Papers are a collection of materials regarding the research and activism work of Noël Sturgeon from 1977-2002, with the bulk of the material originating from 1983-1993.The ealiest papers primarily concern the organization of an anti-nuclear demonstration held at the Nevada Test Site in 1983, and the Mother's Day Action protests in the 1980s. Later material includes Sturgeon's doctoral research and dissertation, including interview transcripts, as well as her work with the Ecofeminist Newsletter throughout the late 1980s and 1990s. Materials are generally arranged chronologically (as recieved), with some unsorted materials at the end. A collection of 9 audio recordings of interviews is included at the end of the collection.
Johnson, Oakley C., 1890- / [1926-1934 and 1966-1969] Title: Oakley C. Johnson Papers (1926-1934 and 1966-1969)
Extent: .67 linear ft.
Abstract: The Oakley Johnson Papers, 1926-1934, 1966-1969, include correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings and other documents relating to the Negro-Caucasian Club and the City College of New York Case which addresses Oakley Johnson's dismissal from the College.
Ilie, Paul / [1960-1978] Title: Paul Ilie Francoist Spain collection (1960-1978)
Extent: 1 Linear Feet (1 record center box)
Abstract: This collection contains materials covering the last fifteen years of the Franco dictatorship in Spain, and the three following years, collected by Paul Ilie, Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature.
Potter, Paul / [1962-1984] Title: Paul Potter Papers (1962-1984)
Extent: .5 Linear Feet (One manuscript box)
Abstract: Potter was a graduate of Oberlin College, graduate student at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1962-1964; founding member and president of the Students for a Democratic Society (1964-1965); author of a memoir "A Name for Ourselves;" known for his eloquent and thoughtful speeches, most notably "Naming the System," given at the March on Washington to End the War in Vietnam, April 17, 1965. The colleciton includes his FBI file, correspondence, writings, speeches, and four audio cassette tapes. Note: the four audio cassette tapes have been migrated to compact discs (CDs) as of 2017.
Jacobsen, Carol / [1987-1995] Title: Porn'Im'age'ry Collection (1987-1995)
Extent: 1.5 linear feet
Abstract: Ann Arbor, Michigan artist, invited to curate show on pornography and prostitution in conjunction with University of Michigan Law School on the subject. Speakers, including Catherine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin,, generally opposed pornography and prostitution while artists argued for freedom of expression legalization and legalization of prostitution. Removal of a videotape from the exhibit resulted in controversy and legal action. Includes materials from the exhibit, correspondence, conference files, photos and videotapes.
Nettlau, Max, 1865-1944; Grave, Jean, 1854-1939; Kropotkin, Petr Alekseevich, kni͡azʹ, 1842-1921Inglis, AgnesCornelissen,Christian, 1864-Ishill, Joseph.Tcherkesoff, FridaKelly, Harry, 1871-1953Malatesta, Errico, 1853-1932Cherney, J. / [1930-1937] Title: Probuzhdenie Papers (1930-1937)
Extent: .5 Linear Feet (One manuscript box)
Abstract: Comprised of articles by C. Cornelisson, H. Kelly, E. Malatesta, M. Nettlau, and F. Tcherkesoff solicited for a special Kropotkin memorial issue of Detroit Russian-language journal Probuzhdenie; other articles by Jean Grave and Nettlau; and letters from Kelly, Grave, Nettlau, and J. Ishill to editor J. Cherney and other editorial staff members.
Proletarian Party of America / [1925-1968] Title: Proletarian Party of America Records (1925-1968, bulk 1953-1965)
Extent: 3.3 linear feet
Abstract: Political group formed in Wayne, Michigan in 1920, with roots in the old Socialist Party of America. This "Michigan faction" was expelled from Communist Party shortly after its founding in 1919, in part for its "consistent adherence to majority action and repudiation of the Communist Party's minority action concept." The party moved its headquarters to Chicago in 1925 where it maintained an office until disbanding in 1968. Consists mainly of correspondence of National Secretary Al Wysocki.
Chaplin, Ralph, 1887-1961 / [1909-1948] Title: Ralph Chaplin papers (1909-1948)
Extent: 0.5 Linear Feet
Abstract: Consist chiefly of correspondence, some addressed to his wife, Edith, and his son, Ivan; poems, notes, and other writings, including his autograph album from Cook County jail, 1917, drafts of poems written while imprisoned at Leavenworth Penitentiary, 1918-23, and a negative photostat of Digest of California criminal syndicalism cases, written by the California branch of the I.W.W.'s General Defense Committee, 1926. Also included are printed poems, flyers, and newspaper clippings, prison documents, and ana. The papers largely concern the period of I.W.W. activism (1917-26), particularly his prison experiences and a report by A. W. Curtis on the Centralia (Wash.) trial of I.W.W. lumbermen; the publication of his pamphlets and books; and the organization, activities, and publications of Technocracy, Inc., a group promoting the technocracy movement (1933-34).
Birkett, Richard / [1972-2017 and undated] Title: Rich Birkett Hash Bash collection (1972-2017 and undated)
Extent: 1.00 Linear Feet (2 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: The Hash Bash collection consists of materials collected by Richard "Rich" Birkett relating to the organization and celebration of Hash Bash, an annual event held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to advocate for the legalization of marijuana. The collection includes promotional and event flyers, photographs, newspaper clippings, and organizational information, as well as several court documents relating to permit bans and other legal issues related to Hash Bash events.
Case, Robert / [1938-1943] Title: Robert Case Papers (1938-1943, bulk 1941-1943)
Extent: 0.25 Linear feet
- - - [1976-1989] Title: Russell D. Smith papers (1976-1989, bulk 1976-1981)
Extent: 1.5 Linear Feet (1 record center box and 1 manuscript box.)
Abstract: Smith, a former juvenile and adult offender, became an activist for prisoners' rights, especially those of gay inmates, while incarcerated in federal penitentiaries across the country in the late 1970s. As a victim himself he was particularly interested in the problem of prison rape. After his release in 1980, he continued to advocate prison reform through POSRIP (People Organized to Stop Rape of Imprisoned Persons). The papers include an autobiography/chronology of Smith's experiences in and out of juvenile detention centers and prisons; extensive correspondence with friends in the International Committee to Free Russell Smith (ICFRS) concerning prison conditions, his personal safety, his transfers from prison to prison, his efforts to provide legal assistance to other inmates, and his plans for post-release activities; records of legal suits and complaints filed by Smith; and formal reports about Smith filed by prison officials. Copies of the POSRIP Newsletter (1980-1981) can be found with the Labadie's serial holdings.
Nadel, Stanley / [1964-1987] Title: Stan Nadel Papers (1964-1987, bulk 1964-1969)
Extent: 1.25 Linear Feet (3 manuscript boxes)
Abstract: Scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, and ephemera relating to the life and activism of UM alumnus Stan Nadel.
Mills, Stephanie / [1962-2005] Title: Stephanie Mills Papers (1962-2005, bulk 1983-2002)
Extent: 25 Linear Feet (24 boxes, 1 oversize box)
Abstract: Stephanie Mills (1948- ), moved to Maple City in Michigan in 1985 after twenty years of living in California. She has been deeply involved in environmentalism from her time at Mills College, where she came to national attention for her infamous commencement address as valedictorian in June 1969, "The Future is a Cruel Hoax". Stephanie Mills was a member of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America board of directors from 1970 to 1976, and later served as editor and advisor for multiple environmental publications. Her interests, as expressed in the correspondence and writings that make up the Stephanie Mills Papers, include overpopulation, deep ecology, ecofeminism, ecological restoration, the spread of technology, economic and cultural globalization, and the intersection of personal values and one's life in terms of environmental impact. Although Mills wrote a substantial amount of poetry during her college years, she is deservedly well-known for her nonfiction writings, particularly her numerous books on ecology-related subjects. As a working author and journalist, Mills published a large number of articles, essays, and book reviews in various mainstream and environmental publications across the length of her career. The Stephanie Mills Papers includes a large number of manuscripts, correspondence, personal materials, research materials, as well as audiovisual recordings of Mills speaking publicly on ecology and related issues. The correspondence is a rich collection of personal exchanges over many decades with friends, family, and fellow environmentalists. The writings and numerous manuscripts provide an unrivalled and detailed view of Mills's writing process.
- - - [1912-1933] Title: Stephanus Fabijanovic Papers (1912-1933)
Extent: 5 Linear Feet (4 records center boxes and 1 flat folio)
Abstract: Correspondence of Fabijanovic and his wife, writings, photos, newspaper clippings, and an obituary of Fabijanovic from Freedom relate to his philosophical and anarchist thought, a bakery and confectionery workers' union, the publication and distribution of his papers, his travels, and personal matters. Among the correspondents are Louis Adamic, John B. Barnhill, Norman Beard, natural pathologist Otto Brunner, Karl Dopf, Enrique Flores Magon, Wilhelm Fox, Charlotte Francke-Pellon, Emma Goldman, Rudolf Grossman, Max Metzkow, Max Nettlau, Carl Nold, Nicholas Petanovic, Charles L. Robinson, Rudolf Rocker, Stefan Zweig, and family members. The papers are in English, French, German, Hungarian, and Serbo-Croatian.
Albert, Stewart Edward, 1939-2006; Albert, Judith Clavir, 1943- / [1938-2006] Title: Stew Albert and Judy Gumbo Albert papers (1938-2006, bulk 1968-2006 )
Extent: 24 boxes, 2 oversize boxes (approximately 28 linear feet)
Abstract: Stew Albert, a founding member of the Yippies, was a political activist, writer, journalist, and unindicted co-conspirator in the "Chicago Seven" case in 1968. The Stew Albert and Judy Gumbo Albert Papers offer insight into the lives of two activists who were involved in anti-Vietnam war protests, members of the Youth International Party (Yippies), and had ties to groups such as the Black Panther Party and the Weather Underground. The collection contains a variety of materials, including manuscripts, FBI files and court documents, photographs, slides, and negatives, artwork, audiovisual material, realia, scrapbooks, and posters.
Street, Sidney; Brodbar, Harry / [1966-1972] Title: Street vs. New York Flag-Burning Case collection (1966-1972, bulk 1966-1969)
Extent: .25 Linear Feet (One half-manuscript box, housing 11 folders)
Abstract: This collection includes arrest papers, clippings, correspondence, photographs, and court records related to the case Street vs. New York. The Physical Evidence file contains remnants of the burned flag.
Tekla, Tad / [1933-1964] Title: Tad Tekla Papers (1933-1964)
Extent: 1 linear foot
Abstract: Socialist and pacifist active in labor, civil rights, cooperative, and world government movements. The papers comprise scattered meeting minutes of various organizations, notes (some very detailed) on speeches and other social functions attended by Tekla in the Cleveland area in the 1930s, carbon copies of outgoing correspondence, and a collection of mailing lists. There is a considerable amount of print and nearprint material -- single issues of labor periodicals, newspaper clippings, for m letters, flyers, etc. The papers reflect to varying extents Tekla's activities in North Dakota as an organizer for the Civilian Public Service Union, a national organization of conscientious objectors performing alternative service during World War II; his efforts to recruit Cleveland auto workers for the Socialist Party in the late 1930s; and his membership on the national executive committee of the Socialist Party, the executive committee of the War Resisters League, the policy committee of Democracy Unlimited (ca. 1952-56), the Cleveland Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), and the Committee for a Socialist Program and Action (ca. 1959-64). Tekla was heavily involved in the cooperative movement in Cleveland and to a lesser extent in the Saskatchewan Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) in the mid-1940s.
Kaczynski, Theodore John, 1942- / [1996-2014] Title: Ted Kaczynski Papers (1996-2014, bulk 1996-2005)
Extent: 48 Linear Feet (96 manuscript boxes and 1 oversize box)
Abstract: Contains mostly photocopies of materials created since Kaczynski's arrest in 1996, including correspondence, writings, legal documents, and prison documents. Material created prior to his arrest are photocopies obtained from the FBI which were to be used as evidence in his trial. Additional materials are expected to be added at a later date.
Tạ Thúc Bình, 1917-1998; Vietnam. Ministry of Education and Training / [1970] Title: Thánh Gióng slides ()
Extent: 2 folders
Abstract: This collection consists of 21 35mm slides with color illustrations depicting the traditional Vietnamese story of Thánh Gióng, accompanied by two pages of descriptive information.
Hayden, Tom / [1960-2015] Title: Tom Hayden Papers (1960-2015, bulk 1980-1990)
Extent: 120.0 Linear feet (221 manuscript boxes, 7 record center boxes, 4 oversize boxes and 10 oversize folders. )
Abstract: The Tom Hayden Papers largely consist of materials generated while Hayden was in the California State Assembly and Senate during the 1980s and 1990s as well as the research he conducted for many of his books.
University of Chicago. College / [1968-1970] Title: University of Chicago Sit-In collection (1968-1970)
Extent: 0.5 Linear Feet (One manuscript box)
Abstract: Materials are primarily from 1969, and relate to the student-led sit-in protest of Universary of Chicago administration buildings following the firing of Marlene Dixon.
De Cleyre, Voltairine, 1886-1912 / [1976-1914] Title: Voltairine De Cleyre Papers (1976-1914)
Extent: 1 manuscript box, approximately .4 linear feet
Abstract: Voltairine De Cleyre was a prominent anarchist poet, lecturer, and writer. This collection spans the years 1876 to 1914 and is made up of correspondence, manuscript and print poems and essays, and one photograph.
War Resisters League. / [1966-2014] Title: War Resisters League Records (1966-2014, bulk 1970-1987)
Extent: 6.5 Linear Feet
Abstract: The War Resisters League is a pacifist organization that promotes anti-war initiatives using nonviolent actions. The records contain scattered documentation of the activities of the organization from the late 1960s through the 1980s.
Van Valkenburgh, Warren Starr, 1884-1938. / [1912-1937] Title: Warren Van Valkenburgh Papers (1912-1937)
Extent: 1 Linear Feet (2 manuscript boxes.)
Abstract: An anarchist and editor of Road to Freedom, Van Valkenburgh assisted Emma Goldman in typing and distributing her writings and correspondence. The collection documents his activities in the Socialist Party in Schenectady, N.Y.; as secretary for the Sociology Club, a group in Schenectady organized to study and debate social problems; as editor of Road to Freedom and Spanish Revolution; and as supporter of anarchist causes, including the Sacco-Vanzetti Case and the Spanish Civil War. There is a collection of articles by Van Valkenburgh and others, as well as correspondence with many radical leaders, including Leonard D. Abbott, Stella Ballantine, Gustav F. Beckh, Alexander Berkman, Karl Dannenburg, Hippolyte Havel, Herman Kuehn, Maximilian Olay, Upton Sinclair, and Carlo Tresca. Correspondence with Emma Goldman concerns her lecture tours, politics, his writing for Mother Earth, and her trial, imprisonment, and deportation in 1919. Also included are transcripts of debates, leaflets, and newspaper clippings.
Reuben, William A. / [ca. 1946-2000] Title: William A. Reuben Papers (ca. 1946-2000, bulk 1946-1996)
Extent: 27.25 linear feet (28 boxes)
Abstract: William Reuben is an investigative reporter and author who wrote, most notably, about the Rosenberg espionage case and the Alger Hiss-Whitaker Chambers libel and perjury trials. The Collection includes correspondence, research and interview notes, drafts of books and articles, published and unpublished, on the trials of the "Trenton Six," Morton Sobell and Robert Soblen, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and Alger Hiss, with much research on Whittaker Chambers.
Heikkila, William Kaino / [1951-1966] Title: William Kaino Heikkila papers (1951-1966, bulk 1958-1960)
Extent: 1 Linear Feet (1 record center box)
Abstract: This collection personal correspondence, legal documents, and publications related to Finnish-American labor organizer William Kaino Heikkila's struggles for US citizenship under anti-communist immigration policies.
Rossiter, Margaret L. / [1974-1998] Title: Women in the Resistance Papers (1974-1998, bulk 1974-1985)
Extent: 8 Linear Feet
Abstract: Margaret LaFoy Rossiter (1914-1991) was an internationally recognized author. A founder of the Women's Studies Program and a professor of Modern European History at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan, she was an alumna of Bryn Mawr College and Douglass College of Rutgers University. She was the author of several articles and the book, Women in the Resistance. The bulk of the collection documents the research that went into writing Women in the Resistance. It contains approximately seven linear feet of interview transcripts and audio recordings, government documents, correspondence, articles, excerpts, photographs, ephemera, questionnaires, personal accounts and drafts of chapters as well as some research for, and reprints and drafts of, other works.
Workers' Power / [1970-1973] Title: Workers' Power Records (1970-1973)
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: Bi-weekly newspaper based in Highland Park, Michigan reflecting the view of the "International Socialists." Consists primarily of marked up editorial copy and some miscellaneous administrative files.