Q: why do you still use a phone/computer


  1. many of us are still required to use computers for work/school

  2. many of us are still addicted to technology

  3. we still want to spread propoganda (online) and discuss his ideology to strengthen our believe and help others with misconceptions they may have

  4. its difficult not to use technology today and it must be used to destroy the system as it would be hopeless to try destroy industrial society without using its own destructive devices.

  5. hopefully most of us are trying to use less technology and some may be considering moving to the woods (but can't at the moment for various reasons)


Q: why do you support a murderer

A: Kaczynski used murder as a way of sparking revolution, he wanted to attract only those who were willing to do anything to join the movement. The system must collapse as soon as possible through any means necessary

"Anyone who has a little money can have something printed, or can distribute it on the Internet or in some such way, but what he has to say will be swamped by the vast volume of material put out by the media, hence it will have no practical effect. To make an impression on society with words is therefore almost impossible for most individuals and small groups. Take us (FC) for example. If we had never done anything violent and had submitted the present writings to a publisher, they probably would not have been accepted. If they had been been accepted and published, they probably would not have attracted many readers, because it’s more fun to watch the entertainment put out by the media than to read a sober essay. Even if these writings had had many readers, most of these readers would soon have forgotten what they had read as their minds were flooded by the mass of material to which the media expose them. In order to get our message before the public with some chance of making a lasting impression, we’ve had to kill people."

Q: what religion did Kaczynski follow

A: Kaczynski was an athiest and has criticised religions as they have been used to control people. (although many disagree with his view on this)


Q: is Ted Kaczynski a fascist / is Ted Kaczynski right wing or left wing

A: Ted Kaczynski is outside of any right-left spectrum, he criticises both the right and left wing (although he criticises the left more). Both sides support technological progress, and agreeing with either side would distract from the main cause (destruction of technology). Although i suppose on the political compass you could plot him as centre anarchist, but this isn't the most fitting label.

read the ISAIF sections on leftism such as "THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MODERN LEFTISM"


Q: is Ted Kaczynski anprim

A: Ted is not anprim. He is quite similar to an anprim but with a few crucial differences. The most important difference being that anprims believe primitive life would be easier than modern life, this is not true. Whilst primitive life may be more fulfilling it is undeniably more difficult, despite this we believe that freedom is more important than leisure.


Q: is this a cult

A: no, Kaczynski is not God nor is he a prophet. he has made mistakes and don't let any glowies convice you otherwise.

Q: what time did Ted want to go back to

A: Ted wanted to go back as far as possible, but he thought it would be difficult to stop people using agriculture so for now destroying industrial society is our only goal. After that has been achieved (a huge undertaking on its own) we can worry about agriculture

"The farther back we can push technology, the farther back we will push civilization. If we could push technology all the way back to the stone age, there would be no more civilization."

Q: was Ted Kaczynski part of MKUltra / was he given LSD

A: probably not. He was part of an experiment conducted by Henry Murray who had ties to MKUltra. Although it is unlikely that MKUltra was involved in this. Additionally even if this was part of MKUltra, the experiments were much less harmful than the media would like you to believe and mostly consisted of personality quizzes. Additionally, no reputable source has ever claimed he was given LSD. The rumours of these experiments being incredibly harmful to him were stirred up by his own lawyer team who wanted to portray him as insane to spare him the death penalty.

Q: was Ted Kaczynski insane

A: when his trial was ongoing he was visited by a psychologist (fed shrink) who claimed he was a paranoid schizophrenic (although he was still deemed allowed to stand trial and defend himself). When he was in prison two psychologists visited him and deemed him sane saying the original diagonosis was "ridiculous" and "a political diagnosis".

Q: what can we do to further his cause

A: Kaczynski laid the foundations for a revolution. But if you can't do that at the moment then you may want to spread his views to others.

Q: was Ted Kaczynski right

A: yes

Q: did Ted Kaczynski kill himself

A: probably. He was suffering from terminal cancer and likely would have died soon anyway. Prison was torturous for him. The cancer was probably quite painful so thats why he killed himself.

Q: what books/articles should i read

A: the most important book to read would obviously be ISAIF (the unabombers manifesto). But theres is also anti-tech revolution, technological slavery and other articles written by him which can be found on the anarchist library and the tedk archive. Additionally you may want to read authors that share similar views like Ellul and Zerzan

Q: was Ted transgender

A: no. Out of frustration from modern society he hedonistically and autogynephillically went to a psychatrist for a sex change. Fortunately, he didn't go through with it.

Q: was Ted a genius

A: he had an iq of 167 and attended harvard 2 years early as well as having a PhD in mathematics and working at berkley as a professor. So probably.

and lastly, the most commonly asked question

Q: can you summarise Industrial Society And It's Future

A: ISAIF is already quite condensed and has been designed to be very readable. It is not that long and i recommend you read the entire thing. But heres my attempt at a summary.

Humans have a need for something called the "power process". Humans have evolved to pursue and struggle for goals such as building shelter and hunting for food. In our current industrial-technological society, the power process has been disrupted as it is now much easier (and less fulfilling) to obtain the physical necessities of life. Because of this void of goals, we now feel purposeless and so we need to pursue artificial goals to fill the time (surrogate activities), although most of the time, these activities are less fulfilling than the pursuit of real goals. Humans need to struggle and this lack of struggle, in addition to our distance from nature, has led our primitive brains to undergo a lot of stress and frustration. This has led to a mental health crisis and many social problems.

A symptom of our troubled society is Leftism. Leftists have two main traits, feelings of inferiority (which leads to them associating with minority groups who they themselves think are inferior) and oversocialisation (following the moral code of our society and maintaining a politically correct and unproblematic image). Because of these traits, the leftist is very frustrated and attempts to get off of his psychological leash and fulfill the power process by "rebelling", but because of his oversocialisation, he is not strong enough to rebel against the system's fundamental values.

The reckless pursuit of progress also leads to many problems. Take depression, for example. Because of industrial society, depression has become a large problem. To combat this, rather than regressing back and destroying the things that cause these problems, the system came up with a workaround (antidepressants) to maintain optimum efficiency. If the problem becomes too big, the system opts for reform as a last ditch effort to save itself.

The restriction of freedom is also inevitable in modern society. Even technologies that seem to enhance freedom end up needing to be restricted and are eventually made tools of the system. For example, the car seemed to enhance freedom at first, but now restrictions have had to be put in place, such as traffic laws. Additionally, cars have now become mandatory as most jobs are no longer within walking distance.

"good" parts of technology cannot be brought with us as they often depend on "bad" parts (like electricity). Some may say that technology cannot regress, but this is not true. Whilst small scale technology (tools) can not be easily destroyed as any intelligent human can create and use them, large scale technology (electricity) can be destroyed as when they have been taken away most people will not have the technical knowledge to restore the technology. Large scale technologies can and have been destroyed in the past (as seen with the fall of the Roman empire).

Humans will eventually become so dependent on technology that turning the machines off would put so much pain and stress on humans that they may kill themselves. Many jobs in the primary and secondary sectors have been taken over by machines, soon the tertiary sector may also be replaced by ai, which leaves humans with little work to do and leaves the machines in full control. Eventually, the system may depend on decisions so technical that the only reasonable next step for maximum efficiency would be to have machines run the system. At this point, the machines will be in control. When this happens, humans will have no reason to exist and will only be a burden on the system. At this point, either a collapse will happen, humans will become extinct or humans will only exist in a state of constant pleasure.

The industrial system will collapse and so we must make it collapse sooner rather than later through a revolution. The longer we wait, the more disastrous the collapse will be.

TL;DR - tech bad

NOTE - I would suggest that you read ISAIF as I haven't thoroughly explained a lot of concepts here. Moreover, his explanation is much better than mine.