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Journals Detailing Ted's Crimes

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Ted K:

These are journals that I kept over a span of more than twenty-five years. Some contain accounts of my personal experiences. Some are filled with my thoughts and ideas, and quotations from my reading. Some contain mixed materials. The journals are highly reliable, since they are completely honest and nearly all of the information about personal experiences was written down within a few days of the events.

The journals are divided into eight series, as follows:

  • Series I, #1 through #7

  • Series II, #1 through #6

  • Series lII, #1 through #8

  • Series IV, #1

  • Series V, #1

  • Series VI, #1 through #5

  • Series VII, #1 through #4

  • Series VIII, #1

A. Series 1, #1-#7

A1. Journal 1 of 7, Series I

B. Series 2, #1-#6

B1. Series 2, #1

B2. Series 2, #2

C. Series 3, #1-#8

D. Series 4

E. Series 5

F. Series 6, #1-#5

F1. Series 6, #1, Sept 20, 1972

F2. Series 6, #2, July 17, 1978

F5. Series 6, #5

G. Series 7, #1 through #4

G1. Series 7, #1

H. Series 8

I. Notes on my Journals

I1. Notes on my Journals

This is a set of notes commenting on Series I and II of the journals.

J. Baby Book

J1. Baby Book

This is a journal, kept by my mother, of the first nineteen months of my life. I think it is reasonably reliable. In the first place, the entries were all made soon after the events. In the second place, the Baby Book contains no indication of my mother's characteristic exaggerations. In the third place, my mother seems to have been trying to be objective and "scientific" in recording her observations. And in the fourth place, something happened to my mother when I was about eight years old. I think that before that time she had better control over herself and would have been more careful to be truthful than she was later.

K. Crime Journals

K1. Ted Kaczynski's Journal in 1980-81

K2. Ted Kaczynski's Journal of Early Crimes

K3. Ted Kaczynski's Notebook