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Censored Texts

Garden – Chapter on “The Most Critically Important Electric Substations In The United States”

Argument for censoring: The text got the author into hot water with law enforcement, so we don’t think it’s worth the risk archiving as we are not anti-tech.

Counter argument: Cities are unhealthy, become anti-tech revolutionaries.

Steal This Wiki – Chapter on “People’s Chemistry”

Argument for censoring: The original chapter in Steal This Book contained some instructions that were as harmless as ‘how to make stink bombs’. We don’t see any risk in hosting this book as it’s been published and has a fair bit of historical interest. But, the chapter was updated extensively for the wiki and so, we’d rather just let the people who want to find this kind of information find it on their own. That way we’re not needlessly risking anyone drawing the attention of law enforcement for viewing this website. Because one important goal is for the website and print out PDFs to be useful guides for surviving living a low yearly income existence.

Counter argument: Similar guides exist on other anarchist libraries with no consequence.

Doxes of the eco-extremist writer/translator/publisher Abe Cabrera and his vivisectionist wife

Argument for censoring: The reason the person was doxed and their critique of the person is still fully intelligible despite censoring the information. And there's some neglible chance that we'd be causing greater net suffering to innocent or reformed people years later.

Counter argument: The evidence this was Abe in the first place, then the shutting down of Atassa and the way everyone reacted on release of the dox confirms it, so he and his vivisectionist wife should have a spotlight put on their lives even just as a journalistic human interest story.

Controversially Accepted Texts

A text dump on eco-extremism

Argument for deleting: The text includes the end stage ITS messages which are so vile and misanthropic that even wouldn't upload it haha

Counter argument: The text includes a massively long introductory critique and the latter stuff shows them consistently failing and withering into irrelevancy. It helps with understanding why a group came to slavishly walk in Ted's ideological footsteps and then become even more misanthropic and hopeless than him.

Suggested Reading critiquing Ted

Arguments for deleting: Ted is an anarchist POW, so he deserves not to be shit all over.

Counter argument: Even if I were to grant he's an anarchist POW, it wouldn't make the 'war' he fought any more justifiable, it would just mean some anarchist POWs deserve to be shit all over. Ted is an asshole who planted a bomb on a public airliner, took a knife to meet a romantic interest who turned him down, with the plan to disfigure her face for it, and slowly tortured animals to death for eating food in his cabin.

Texts by Daniel McGowen

Argument for deleting: Daniel is an ex anarchist POW, so he might deserve special treatment in being asked whether he wants his texts published.

Counter argument: There are countless witness testimonies of the time and place Daniel was radicalized also being a hotbed of interest in the Unabomber manifesto. So when using the website to learn about these events, it's useful to have writing by the ELF members themselves to look through in the same topic. He acknowledges himself he made some dumb decisions like burning down a tree farm due to thinking they were genetically modified trees when they weren't, and so hopes others can learn not to make the kind of mistakes he made, this website can attempt to in part serve that purpose.

Censored doxes of the eco-extremist writer/translator/publisher Abe Cabrera and his vivisectionist wife

Argument for deleting: No good is being achieved. And even if the husband did commit an unethical act, the wife can't be guilty of the crimes her husband committed.

Counter argument: Identifying names and locations are blacked out or replaced with the word '[censored]'. The net good is being able to understand the history of a group who started out slavishly walking in Ted's ideological footsteps and how they became way, way more misanthropic and hopeless than him, plus their supporters and promoters.

These texts contain evidence the dox was the correct person:

The Ultimate Ted Kaczynski Research Document

Argument for deleting: All texts should be free, not hidden behind a patreon account, otherwise you don't really care about achieving an anarchist world.

Counter argument: One paywalled text on the website does not a not an anarchist make haha. The author says the book took over a year to produce and simply isn't comfortable with the text receiving a wider audience until it's fully finished. But, they'd like find collaborators and are offering help:

At some point I would like to condense this book down into one normal length book, cutting chapters and putting quoted sources into my own words. If you’d like to help as a co-author or would like my help with your own ideas for what to do with the material, just let me know.

I’ve also quoted a ton of people in this book, so the offer is open to anyone I’ve quoted to let me know if you might like your quote updated with a new statement.

My email is

Criminal Justice Reading List

Argument for deleting: The piece celebrates what they call 'good prisons' like in Norway (their words).

Counter argument: No, not black and white good, good-ish character virtues on the part of liberal reformist legislators who push for these policies in authoritarian countries as one short-term tactic among many:

'The Good, the bad and the gray' are rough approximations of the character virtue intentions of the individuals & groups listed, and/or the net positive outcomes we think they may have achieved in giving people the courage to break free from their social conditioning. That isn't to say we think every action taken by every group or individual listed in the good or gray categories were ethical.

Disrupting The Purist Anarchist Pipeline

Argument for deleting: The piece argues that insurrectionary thought is a 'pipeline' to eco-extremism, which isn't true.

Counter argument: The text doesn't say anything like that:

I really value debate between various specialized political philosophies and strategies, and I have nothing against for example, green anarchism as the promotion of a style of critique not often seen, like black-anarchism and anarcha-feminism. These can help identify you as someone who has had the time to research the ways in which expertise in building democratic institutions, green architecture and rewilding will help get us to a better world.

In using the term pipeline I’m not making an absolutist factual claim, that if a person reads x thing, they are on their way to becoming y thing, always and definitively. I am saying there is a clearly observable psychological crossover among some people from these niche ideologies who move down them in a pursuit of viewing the world in more fundamentalist ways, and who also attempt to move others along in the same direction as them, and finally that it’s more common the further down you go.

Obviously, someone can travel all the way down to the level of a Satanist death cultist and only have been able to encourage one of their former friends to move down one level, thus spitting them out at only one level lower, but it’s still a concerning phenomenon, both for the few who end up at the very low levels, as well as the many who just take on a more purist gatekeeping form of anarchism.

About this project

Argument for deleting: 'Deprogramming' people sounds manipulative.

Counter argument: The word deprogramming was used simply to refer to the emotional growth Ted K's fascist fans could chose to go through for example by reading texts that critique their past literal glorification of the Khmer Rouge's genocide.

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